What are your reading habits?

I’m curious about how other people read. Do you have more than one book going at once? Are they all the same type? Do you read every day or do you go in spurts? What about rereading? Do you ever reread or do you just stick to new books?


  1. I can only read one book at once or I get them confused, but most of my friends read multiple books at once. I tend to stick to fantasy and sci-fi, because those are my favorite genres. I don’t have a list of what to read next, I just read whatever sounds good at the time, whatever I’m in the mood for. I read almost ever day, but there are periods where I read more and times when I get in a slump and can’t seem to read. I love rereading books! That’s why I own so many (or so I tell myself) because I love reading my favorites again and again. 🙂

    • Katherine :

      I used to read only one at a time, but now I seem to find myself reading several at once (I have no idea why I changed…). I think it’s a good idea to read just what you feel like and not something from a list. When I hear readers and bloggers bemoan their daunting TBR list, I feel a little sad that something that should be only fun starts to feel like a “task.”

  2. I often read several books at once. I love re-reading my favorites and usually own them. I have so many books that have been collected through the years that I try to cull them once in a while. Briefly, I do a good job, then slip back into my old ways and let them stay. I dream of having a beautiful library in my house with lots of bookcases, reading lamps, comfy chairs, and a wonderful reading table.

    I read whatever I want, when I want. After studying lit in college, I find the freedom to do this exhilarating–even though I’ve been out of school for many years. I do occasionally go into a slump with reading and can’t get into anything–but I’m still reading, even if it’s not perfect. Sometimes when this happens, I will read parts of books I love.

    I LOVE, LOVE finding new books by new authors, like you, for a new twist on ideas–a bit of a freshening breeze to reorient my thoughts. This makes reading continue to be a wonderful adventure.

    • Katherine :

      I love your idea of a beautiful library–so luxurious! It is wonderful to be able to read whatever you want, whenever you want. Reading, for me and I think for many others, is so much a matter of mood. That’s probably why so many of us chafe against “reading assignments.” We might love a book some day but not today! It feels so good to have the freedom of choice.

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