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Over the past few years, my writing projects have been bullied and pushed around so much by life events that I’ve started teaching them self-defense. I planned my wedding while writing Chains of Water and Stone and moved in the middle of drafting Unbound. As for this new project? Egads. Suffice it to say that for three months this past fall, my husband and I had all our things in storage while we and the pets bumped around from West Virginia to Kansas to Minnesota to Michigan to Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine during his post-graduation job hunt. Whew! After an arduous 1000-mile trek that involved a 26’ U-Haul, a horse trailer, a pickup, a car on a flatbed, 2 people, and 3 animals, we arrived at our destination in Maine, and I now have the cutest little office.

Anyway, self-defense. I’m teaching my books a special judo-chop right now. When someone tries to stuff them in a corner and say, “But you’re not as important as getting the vehicles registered in Maine,” then WHAP! Straight across the throat.

In more salient news, I’m having tons of fun with my current project. (I don’t think I can call it “new” anymore.) After a few early transformations, it’s settled on being a fantasy romance set in a somewhat mythologized ancient Greece. I wanted it to be a stand-alone, but it has grown so much that I may have to make it a duology. (Thoughts on this? Do you prefer a super long stand-alone or two regular length books?) I’m about 95% committed on its title, so I hope to share that soon. I will say this is definitely an adult book; it’s a bit grittier and far more intimate than The Griever’s Mark series.

I’ve been sharing some snippets from the book on my Facebook page, and I’ll have a lot more to share throughout the coming months. For now, I’ll leave you with this teaser:

In the dusky shadows, the road was like a despondent, unending path through the Underworld. Oz’s horse started to jig, and he gave the reins an instinctive jerk, making the animal toss its head and almost rear. Beside him, Akeron raised a fist to signal a halt. The men bunched close behind them, whispering, “Kerkyon, Kerkyon.”

The horses jigged and sidled, and Oz’s skin went tight with gooseflesh. When he and Akeron had passed through Eleusis before, it had been full daylight, and the dead king had not troubled them.

A voice like a dry, lifeless wind came whispering through the gloom. “Who comes to challenge me?

Copyright © Katherine Hurley, 2017
All rights reserved.


  1. Ooh your new book sounds amazing! I love Greek mythology! I don’t really mind if it’s one long book or two short books, but most people I’ve spoken to seem to prefer two short. I’m glad that you’re finally settled! I was just looking up your books yesterday to see how the new one was coming. I can’t wait!

    • Katherine :

      Hi Molly! I’ve been leaning toward two, mostly because I myself get intimidated by super long books. I’m a slow reader, so that’s probably why. A long book is a SERIOUS commitment for me. Thanks for the input!

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