The Griever’s Mark Release!

The Griever’s Mark is finally up for sale!  If you want to take a peak at it on Amazon, you can click below:

Reviews are starting to come in on Goodreads, and I’m thrilled that so many of the pre-release reviewers have been excited about GM. (There’s a link to Goodreads in the box to the right.) The final Goodreads giveaway ran for 4 days and got just shy of 1500 entries–thank you to everyone who entered and especially to those who helped spread the word about the book!

Today I plan to celebrate GM’s “birth” with a glass of wine. (Well, more likely beer since it’s also Veterans Day, which, in this house, will most likely trump a small thing like a book release :).) Tomorrow, it’s back to work on Book 2, which I am SO into right now. It’s evolving into exactly the story I wanted to tell, and that’s not something that always happens. I absolutely love writing about Astarti and Logan (and Belos–who doesn’t secretly love the bad guys?).

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yay! Congrats! 🙂

    A book release isn’t small! You should so have that glass of wine! 🙂 I’d be so giddy right about now.

    Yes, you must write the sequel quickly. I have to know what happens next! And I agree, a good bad guy can really make a story.

    • Thank you! I am rather giddy right now…

      You know, it’s almost hard to take a day off from writing–I want to know what happens next, too! (I mean, I KNOW, but it’s not the same as “seeing” it happen, if that makes sense:)).

      • I don’t think it would make sense to non writers, but I totally understand! Sometimes when I’m writing things just happen that I didn’t plan and didn’t see coming.

        • I’m sure you’re right (about it not making sense to non-writers), but I’m glad you know where I’m coming from! For me, “discovering” the story is half the joy of writing it. I always know my basic trajectory, but I like to work with more of a plan than an outline. If I have every scene plotted out, I can’t get excited about writing them–that feels like filling in the blanks, and it’s boring! Energetic writing for me is kind of like riding my horse (she’s VERY independent): I can tell her basically where to go, but if I try to micro-manage her, she throws a fit–my characters seem to be the same way. 🙂

  2. Katherine,
    Brava on the launch of your book! I am waiting impatiently for my copies to arrive.

    I hope you enjoyed your wine–or was it beer?–in celebration of this amazing milestone. Veteran’s Day will always be an even more important day in your house. I’ve always thought the date 11/11 to be auspicious.

    Here’s to many books to come!

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