The FINAL Cover

Okay, so I realize I’ve been all over the place with the cover of The Griever’s Mark. Due to foolish pride (and a certain ingrained “do it yourself!” determination), I made two efforts at creating my own cover. I knew, though, that The Griever’s Mark deserved better, and I had scarcely uploaded my second cover before I began searching high and low, peeking around every corner on the internet (metaphorically speaking, of course) to find The One. Well, I found her. Her name is Apple Zhang, and I knew from the first millisecond that I looked at her work that she was PERFECT, talented beyond my imagining or deserving and with a style that just happened to suit The Griever’s Mark impossibly well.

Just look at what she created:


Gorgeous, isn’t it? I am thrilled. I can’t stop staring at it. (I even stopped typing a moment ago because I started staring again–sheesh.) This new image is already on the ebook, but Createspace (which prints my paperbacks) is a little slower. So hard to wait! I want to see this baby in real life.

As for writing news, I am very close to finishing the draft of Book 2, which will be titled Chains of Water and Stone. In a couple of weeks, when the draft is done, I’ll announce its release date. Apple is already working on the cover for Chains of Water and Stone, and I hope to be able to reveal it by the end of January, when I will put Book 2 up for pre-order.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year to all!


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