Picnic in good company

Sometimes you just have to throw out part (or even all!) of your to-do list and grab the chance to enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon.



I’m very lucky to have a little park just outside my door and today was so perfect that I brewed some fresh coffee (and made it just a touch Irish), grabbed my wedding planning books, my quilt, and my cat, and headed for a quiet spot under the trees.


I brought Minou in her harness, which naturally meant she got her tether wound around every twig and clump of grass and had to be constantly rescued. While this did somewhat disrupt my work on wedding plans, I didn’t really mind. Frankly, planning a wedding by myself daunts me a bit, and it was more fun to watch Minou engrossed in explorations and bug-chasing.

So often it’s these little things that we skip because we feel like there’s no time, that other things have to be done. Sometimes that’s true, but not as often, I think, as we sometimes tell ourselves. What a beautiful day!

So tell me, what small thing would you like to grab the chance to do on the next gorgeous fall day?


  1. I wish we’d have one last nice fall day, but I’m afraid it’s too late for that now. We had snow on Halloween here in Michigan! Yuck! If we got that one more day I think I’d trim my bushes, okay that sounds like work, but it’s not really. Pretty Kitty. Good luck with your wedding planning! 🙂

    • Katherine :

      Ah, yes, Michigan! I used to live in the U.P., so I know all about snow in October…. I also enjoy things like trimming bushes (and even weeding!), so that sounds nice to me too.

  2. Katherine,
    What a lovely day! I’m glad you took the time to have a picnic with Minou–love the photos!

    For me, the next wonderful fall day will be spent walking in the woods with my cat. We have a place we go regularly to read (me, that is) and to watch all the birds in the woods–also, one of us gets pretty excited if an especially noisy leaf falls close to us (that would be Kitten…yes, my cat’s name is Kitten and she’s an old lady).

    Thanks for sharing. Loved it.

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