New Project

I’ve been working on my new book (or series? It seems to be growing…) and thought I’d share some news of it. The ideas have been brewing since before I started drafting Unbound, but I never like to reveal a half-fermented idea; somehow, it breaks the spell.

Here’s a peek at some of my research material:


Now, this will not be a historical fiction. Rather, I’m looking at Greek myths and legends to help shape my fantasy world. You can expect the “vibe” of ancient Greece and some people and places that have been appropriated from history and mythology. It’s too early for me to pin down exactly how closely my world will reflect that of ancient Greece, so I’ll only say: some the same, some different.

I am thrilled about this project. Seriously. It’s gonna be awesome. I love the world I’m creating, and I’ve got a new cast of complex characters to play with. I started drafting this week. The beginning is always slow work for me, but I can feel it picking up.

As an end note, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading (or plans to read) Unbound. I had immense trouble getting The Griever’s Mark and Chains of Water and Stone off the ground in their early days, so the growing success of the series–and the strong debut of Unbound–have meant the world to me. When I put Unbound up for pre-order three weeks before its release, I thought, “If I can get 50 pre-orders, I’ll be happy.” I had over 600. As you might imagine, I spent much of January distracted by numbers. It was a pleasant distraction, but now I must move forward. To Greece!


  1. I enjoyed your Griever’s Mark series immensely. Unbound was wonderful–I thought it brought everything together beautifully. Congratulations with your success.

    Your new project sounds really interesting. Greece creates lots of mind images for me. I took a class in Greek history in college and occasionally the professor came to class in a chiton in order to evoke the ethos and imagery of the ancient culture. Obviously, he loved Greece because not just everyone owns a chiton! Can’t wait for your next novel!

    • Katherine :

      Thank you, Victoria!

      I SO wish I could have been in your history class. A chiton! Now THAT is passion for your field of study! By the way, researching the cultivation, spinning, dyeing, and weaving of wool, linen, and silk in the ancient world has been fascinating. I promise not to bog the story down with minute details, but no doubt SOME of them will slip in.

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