New Cover for The Griever’s Mark

I’ve been itching to make a new cover for The Griever’s Mark. First, I wanted something darker, bolder, and just all around more powerful. Second, I wanted to create a style that I thought would work for all the books in the series. Without further preamble, here’s the new cover:


Here’s the full cover, front and back:


In case you’re interested, here’s the original sketch:



I’m finally starting to get a handle on Photoshop. That program is incredible, but it’s a BEAR to learn to use. I experimented with lighting and tone and did some painstaking work on the lettering. I’m pretty happy with the result. Now I need to go write up some notes about how I did this because I KNOW I will forget most of it by the time I need to do the cover for Book 2.

This was definitely fun for me, but after a few day break from writing to do this, I am super anxious to get back to work on Book 2!

Thanks for taking a look at my new cover!



  1. I really liked the first cover, but this one is amazing! I’ve never been able to do much with photoshop, but then I only had the month long trial. I’m impressed that you did that in just a few days. Yes, you must get back to writing now! hehe

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I think Photoshop requires a LONG time to learn. (I’m still a total newbie.) There were so many times I would learn something, draw for a while, then realize I needed to do something else that I had no idea how to do. Every hour of painting was followed by several hours of looking online, muttering, “What? What?!” And, yes, yes, back to the story. 🙂

  3. I really like the new cover, it’s fierce 🙂
    When are you planning to release the second book? To speed up your writing, maybe I could bribe you with swiss chocolate? And how many more books in total?

    • Katherine :

      So glad you like it! Swiss chocolate, yum. I like how you think…. Second book should be out in the spring. I’m not 100% sure on the date, but I will be able to set it firmly as soon as the draft is done. As for number of books, I’m certain there will be at least three.

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