Do you read “old” books?

As a frequent reader of old books, I’m curious as to whether other people also read old books. (In today’s fast-changing market, I suppose that means anything more than 20 (?) years old.) Is the age of a book a turn-off for most readers? It’s not for me; I love old stuff, but then I’m used to reading really old books from my college years. What about you? What makes a book “old”? How do you feel about reading such books?


  1. I love old books! (Though not really ‘classics’) Actually before this year I rarely read books that were published within the last five years. The age of a book doesn’t bother me, good is good. Also, when it comes to fantasy there really isn’t much difference other than writing style. I agree with you, old is more than 20-25 years old. (When it comes to books 😉 )

    • Katherine :

      I love some of the fantasy and YA from the 60’s-90’s. I think you’re right that the shift in styles in the biggest change. Today the trend seems to be toward a much faster pace and a more (accessible? simpler?) style. I love both the new and old, but there is such richness in some of the older styles that I find myself craving it sometimes.

  2. I read lots of old books and always have. I read all genres, all time periods. I agree with Molly; good is good.

    I love books from the Greeks and Romans, the Middle Ages, from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the early, mid, and late 20th century because the thoughts of each time period are really amazing. Everything we read today, fantasy or any other genre, comes from ancient traditions and ideas that have been built upon to make a rich tapestry of literature for us. We have access to it all!

    • Katherine :

      Thanks for this comment–I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 I was amazed when I found traces of the Sleeping Beauty story in the Norse legend of Sigurd (Sigurth, Siegfried, whatever you want to call him!) and Brynhild–I’m sure it goes back even further. Not only is Sleeping Beauty still with us, elements of the story slip into so much fantasy. I could never restrict myself to one time period.

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