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I put in a big final push to finish The Griever’s Mark series, and I can now tell you that UNBOUND (yes, I’ve finally committed to a title) will be up for sale in January. Next week, I’ll do a cover reveal here on the blog, and I’ll have the ebook up for pre-order on Amazon. The paperback will be available on release day but not before–Amazon makes that a big pain for self-published writers.

I can’t wait to share the cover. It’s gorgeous, maybe even my favorite. For now, I’ll leave you with the back cover summary for Unbound:

As the growing conflict forces Logan to embrace his newly discovered heritage, he fights to control a power he has long kept buried—a power that threatens everything he has tried to make of himself. Desperate to spare Astarti yet another burden, he tries to hide his crumbling control, but she has long since learned to recognize a lie. As Logan becomes a danger to himself and those around him, Astarti must find a way to help—even if he doesn’t want it.

Unfortunately, Astarti has other problems. Good and evil wear ever-shifting faces, the right course of action grows increasingly unclear, and the stakes are only getting higher. In this final installment of The Griever’s Mark trilogy, Astarti must decide, once and for all, what she stands for.  And what she is willing to sacrifice.


  1. Hi Katherine,
    I can’t wait till this book is out. How exciting that you are so close to publication. Astarti and Logan are amazing characters, not to mention Belos and Heborian and Bran and on and on. I hope you have happy holidays, though it sounds like you’ll be really busy with UNBOUND coming out so soon after Christmas and New Year’s! Will be buying the paperback as soon as I can.

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