Book 3 Almost Has a Title…

Later this month I’ll announce the title for the third book in The Griever’s Mark trilogy. I want to tell you now, I really do, but I’m only 95% committed to it, so I’ll hold off. Ugh, painful to wait!

I’ve been working hard on drafting, and I’m aiming for a November release. I’m about to get slowed down on my progress, though, because I’m moving in a few weeks. It’s only across the state, so it will only mean a few week break. My last move was from Minnesota to West Virginia with a 24′ U-Haul pulling a horse trailer (which, fortunately, my husband drove) and a loaded down Subaru containing lamps, books, a carsick dog, and a screaming cat. (Yeah, I drove that one, and that cat can scream.) This move will include all those same items and creatures, but at least it’s a 3-hour trip, not a 2-day one. The biggest challenge, as always, will be getting my horse in the trailer. I’ve been making her eat her grain in there all summer, but she is NOT okay with me shutting the door. Most of the time, she stands like this:


I think you can see the problem.

Back to writing news.

I’m trying out a new writing/revising system. Usually, I spend the first part of my day revising what I wrote the day before, then I move forward to draft new material. While I like this system, on Chains of Water and Stone, I ended up cutting about 100 pages that I had laboriously written and revised.

In an effort to avoid such dark times filled with too much peanut butter and too many episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, I’ve decided to try something new. First, I wrote a more complete outline. Usually my outlines are super sketchy and filled with arrows and question marks and unhelpful notes like, “Astarti and Aron argue,” or, “Needs some use of earthmagic.” The outline for Book 3 is much better. As for drafting, I’m trying to not work on revisions every day. I don’t think I have the willpower to write a whole draft from start to finish without circling back, but I’m pushing myself for as many pages as I can before I start revising. You see, when I write something that I KNOW is not good, I can’t–I just can’t–ignore it. You’d think that after writing two books (plus one I wrote before The Griever’s Mark and will publish someday), I’d have a tried and true system for drafting and revising. Some of us are slow learners, I guess….



  1. Love the picture of your horse. Hmmm! Looks a mind of her own…can’t imagine where that comes from knowing your character Astarti–not to mention Logan.

    Can’t wait for the third book.

    Good luck with your move AND with finishing the book.

    • Katherine :

      A mind of her own, indeed! Yes, we keep nothing but stubborn, recalcitrant animals in (and around) this house! (…and, um, yeah, that might be said of the people as well. I mean, to be fair.) Thanks for the well-wishes!

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