Blog-Based Giveaway of The Griever’s Mark

I’m running a giveaway through the blog from today (Wednesday, 10/29) through Sunday (11/2). This giveaway is separate from the Goodreads giveaway, so please feel free to enter BOTH of them. (To enter the Goodreads giveaway, just click the “Enter to Win” button above.) This giveaway, like the Goodreads one, will be for a signed ARC of The Griever’s Mark.

This blog-based giveaway is a little different but still easy. To enter, all you need to do is write a comment (even a short one) on the blog. Your comment can be in response to ANY post, past or present. Why am I doing it this way? Because I want to get to know my readers and start interacting with them. A lot of writers run giveaways by requiring entrants to Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, or subscribe to their blog. I’m not going to do that. If anyone wants to do any of those things, bless them. But they should only do such a thing if they really want to, AND I’d much rather chat with readers rather than tick up numbers. (I don’t really care about that.)

Here’s what I’ll do: on Monday (11/3) I’ll put the names of everyone who commented in a hat (though I might use a shoe instead, or even a dog bowl). I will do the random drawing and announce the winner here on the blog. (I won’t list your email address or anything, just whatever name you use to comment.) Naturally, if you enter this giveaway, you’ll want to check back with the blog on Monday, or, if you’re afraid you’ll forget, you could subscribe to it. (You can always unsubscribe later.) The winner will have 5 days to contact me (i.e. until midnight on Friday, 11/7) and supply a mailing address. If I don’t hear from the winner, I’ll give the book to the first person who contacts me after announcement of the forfeited book.

I know there will be a lot fewer entrants for this contest than for the Goodreads contest, but I don’t care. Those who enter will have a MUCH higher chance of winning this giveaway than winning the Goodreads one, but all the entrants will, hopefully, really be interested. That’s what I want. Because of the nature of this giveaway, I’ll be posting more heavily to the blog this week (at least once a day).

Cheers and thanks for reading!


  1. I’m not sure if I apply since I already have a ebook arc of Griever’s Mark, but I’m really liking it, so I’d love to own it. I understand if you want someone new to read it though. 🙂 I hope your contest is a success!

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