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I can’t decide how to feel about today’s work on book 2 of The Griever’s Mark. I had written about 140 pages over the last few weeks but was struggling each day to get excited about the story. Nothing felt right. I just kept thinking, “Terrible, terrible,” and shaking my head in a dismal sort of way. The story was spinning out of control, too big too fast, and the plot wasn’t allowing me to developAstarti and Logan like I wanted. In fact, it was forcing me to do things I didn’t want to do with them. Today, I hit a wall. I said, “I hate this book. I don’t want to write it.” (I actually, and I kid you not, rolled on the floor.) I imagined the whole series simply imploding.




I printed off the 140 pages I had written and started reading them, like a reader, in my armchair. And I figured out where, as a reader, it started to feel “wrong.” Unfortunately, that was on page 34.

Yep, today I dumped over 100 pages. It still feels raw, like a fingernail that’s been cut too short.

BUT. This is just one of the beautiful, painful parts of writing. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again–probably on book 3 :(. So now I’m woefully behind schedule, but I don’t care. The book’s back on track, and, trust me, you’ll be glad I did this, and so will I. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, at least in myself, it’s half-assed work. I could never say, “It’s not right, it could be better, but who cares? It’s good enough.” *makes warding sign against evil

I cannot WAIT to get cracking on this new storyline. Oh, it’s gonna be good. And this time, so, so right.

Question for my readers: have you ever started over on something that you’d put a lot of time into? Were you glad you did it?

BTW, the giveaway for Book 1 of GM has over 400 entries after only 2 1/2 weeks! I am blown away. (And I must say, this level of interest is one thing that’s made me feel extra pressured to get Book 2 moving in the right direction….)

(Anyone get my Camelot reference in the post title? Yeah, probably not.)


  1. Whaa! Over 100 pages! Wow, that must have been hard to do. I’m glad you feel you are back on track now though. And congrats on so many who have entered the contest!

    • Katherine :

      Oh, yeah, it was rough! But it was one of those decisions that, while hard to make, once decided gave me a huge sense of relief. That makes me feel certain the decision was right. Thanks for your thoughts, Emma, and yes, I am thrilled by the level of interest in the giveaway!


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